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Increase your Sperm Count

No.10 Oysters
Looking to put a little extra lead in your pencil? You may want to try oysters. A fascinating new study conducted at Barry University in Miami found that these bivalve mollusks contain potent amino acids that help produce testosterone in males and progesterone in females. "Increased levels of those hormones in the blood means that you are more active sexually," said lead researcher George Fisher in the Sydney Morning Herald. "These mollusks are aphrodisiacs. If the male is having difficulties, they should eat a lot of mussels or oysters." It would be shellfish not to.

No.9 Dark chocolate
It isn’t a mere coincidence that lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving gifts of chocolate. This decadent dessert contains L-Arginine HCL, a powerful amino acid that has been clinically proven to double sperm and semen volume. As an added bonus, L-Arginine HCL can also increase your sexual pleasure by giving you stronger and more intense orgasms, as well. Just make sure not to eat too much dark chocolate, as excess weight can cause testosterone/estrogen imbalances that can further reduce your sperm count.

No.8 Maca
Peruvians have sworn by the mystical powers of the maca plant for years, and now there’s finally scientific evidence to support their claims. Performing a 12-week double-blind placebo-controlled trial, researchers at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia found that men who were given 1,500 to 3,000 milligrams of maca extract a day experienced increased seminal volume, sperm count per ejaculation and sperm motility. The trial subjects also reported a dramatic increase in sexual desire, which likely led to some very awkward moments at the lab whenever anyone had to bend over to pick up a fallen beaker.

No.7 Bananas
Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if you want to keep fertility specialists away, you should probably try adding bananas to your daily routine. That’s because this phallic fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain, which has been found to increase male libido and sex drive. Bananas are also an excellent source of vitamin B, which can help increase your stamina in the sack.

No.6 Asparagus
One way of increasing your sperm count is by decreasing harmful free radicals in your body, which is why many doctors recommend a steady diet of asparagus. Known for its cleansing and healing properties, this miraculous green veggie contains a high concentration of vitamin C that protects sperm from oxidative damage and increases sperm volume and motility. In fact, the only downside to asparagus is that it will make your pee smell like you’ve just chugged a bottle of ammonia (nevertheless, it makes it onto our list of the top 10 foods that boost your sperm count).

No.5 Walnuts
If you want to improve your sperm count, you’d be nuts not to consider walnuts. These tasty tree droppings are overflowing with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to increase sperm count and sexual function by improving blood flow to the genitals. That’s not all. A new U.S. study found that eating seven walnuts a day can also lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. "A handful of walnuts contains almost twice as much antioxidants as an equivalent amount of any other commonly consumed nut," chemistry professor and study researcher Joe Vinson told The Independent. "But, unfortunately, people don't eat a lot of them."

No.4 Pumpkin seeds
When it comes to foods that boost your sperm count, sometimes it helps to get a little seedy. A report published in the World Journal of Chemistry revealed that pumpkin seeds contain protective compounds called phytosterols, which can help shrink an enlarged prostate and improves testosterone production. These tasty little seeds are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that help improve blood flow to both of your heads.

No.3 Ginseng
Asian men have been turning to ginseng for hundreds of years to improve their virility, and now scientists are finally beginning to follow their lead by investigating the medicinal properties of this fabled root. A study by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine found that ginseng produced hormonal secretions in lab rats that led to enhanced libido and sexual performance. In another study, published in the Journal of Urology, 45 men with erectile dysfunction were administered ginseng for 16 weeks, and at the end of the trial, 60% claimed that ginseng improved their erections.

No.2 Garlic
Mankind has been using garlic to treat everything from the common cold to cardiovascular disease for hundreds of years, and now we finally know that this fragrant bulb can also be used to boost sperm count. That’s because garlic contain high levels of allicin, an organosulfur compound that can create millions of hardy little swimmers by improving blood flow to your sexual organs. Just be careful how much you consume, or you may not be able to get within 10 feet of your girlfriend.

No.1 Goji berries
One of the primary culprits of low sperm production is overheating, which is why many doctors recommend goji berries. These bright-red berries contain powerful antioxidants that improve circulation, combat oxidative damage and keep temperature levels in the male reproductive organs at an optimal level. Many doctors and herbalists believe goji berries also improve overall stamina, mood and well-being, all of which are critical for a healthy and happy sex life.


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